About Corsham Chamber Of Commerce

Our objective is to promote and strengthen the business community in Corsham and the surrounding district, which includes Box, Lacock, Neston and Colerne and ensure a vibrant future for all businesses in our area.


Whatever your organisation size or business sector, there is always a reason to be a Corsham Chamber member whether it is to increase sales & profitability or get involved and increase your contacts. For as little as £90 per year, you can join the voice of your local business community.


Corsham Chamber organises workshops, networking and special events regularly throughout the year, including the Corsham Means Business Show. All events are available at substantially discounted prices to members and many are also open to non-members.


Raise local business issues, discuss challenges and receive business support via the Corsham Chamber. As a not for profit organisation which is part of Inspire by Wessex Chambers we help and represent businesses of every size, across every sector of the local economy.


Corsham Chamber exists to promote and encourage the business, commercial, industrial and retail interests of Corsham and the surrounding area. We keep our members at the heart of everything we do and are their voice in the wider Corsham community.

Corsham Chamber of Commerce October Networking Breakfast hosted by Chase de Vere at the Methuen Arms

Corsham Chamber of Commerce invites you to attend our monthly Networking Breakfast Meeting hosted by Chase de Vere on Wednesday, 7th November 2018 from 7.30 to 9.00am at the award winning Methuen Arms.

Keep up to date with everything to do with Corsham Chamber of Commerce and the Corsham Business Show. Join in the conversion and share with us your news via any of our social media channels.

The Corsham Business Show

Watch the video produced at the Corsham Business Show in 2016.

Following on from the success of the previous ‘Corsham Means Business’ Shows in 2015 and 2016, we are delighted to announce we are due to return on 21st March 2018.

About Corsham, Box, Lacock, Neston and Colerne

About Corsham Corsham is an historic market town and civil parish in north west Wiltshire, England. It is at the south western extreme of the Cotswolds, just off the A4 which was formerly the main turnpike road from London to Bristol, between Bath (7.5 miles / 12 kilometres) and Chippenham (4.5 miles / 7 kilometres). Find out more about Corsham, Box, Lacock and Colerne here...

Corsham Chamber Of Commerce Partnerships

Corsham Chamber works in partnership with local authorities, business groups and others, to build and maintain a regional business network and community.

Corsham Chamber Of Commerce News

Apprenticeship Ambassador Network and the Young Ambassador Network

Many of you may be aware of the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network and the Young Ambassador Network that operates nationally.  There is a South West element and we are actively recruiting for new members both as employers and young (18 -26yrs) current and former apprentices.

These young apprentices are able to share their experiences of being an apprentice but also promote your organisation to local schools and colleges and with that in mind we would love to have you on board.

The next Ambassador meeting is being held in Melksham on Thursday 22nd November from 10am. There are also places available on the young ambassador training taking place next Friday in Bristol, should any of your apprentices be able to take part, more dates will be available in the New Year. Full details can be found on the booking page.


If you are a training provider please share with the businesses you support, we are looking to engage with all sizes and sectors. For further information please contact rachael.johnson@wiltshire.gov.uk.

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Queens Square Wealth Management – Autumn Update

Setting up Queens Square Wealth Management Ltd, a Senior Partner Practice of St. James’s Place in 2009 seemed like a natural step after helping people over the previous 9 years to make most of their money and realize their financial goals, this included working with clients of two of the most recognized Private Banks in the UK.

A decision to base our office on the High Street in the pretty town of Corsham, was an easy one.  With fantastic links to the capital, cities and of course the town itself, clients old and new have flexibility of having a successful team locally. We work very closely with local businesses and professionals and offer a free no obligation meeting for all potential clients.

Based on core values of excellence of service and above-all integrity, at Queens Square Wealth Management Ltd, we will provide you with bespoke wealth management solutions that you require to satisfy your needs both now and in the future. We do not provide off-the-shelf solutions, but offer you the benefit of a trusted relationship to meet all your financial needs.

Hot topics coming up include: Budget 2018 & Brexit

Budget 2018 – five to watch. As the chancellor hunts down savings ahead of the Budget, what should you look out for?

The Chancellor has announced that the Budget will take place on Monday 29 October, earlier than has been speculated. It will be the final tax and spend speech before Britain leaves the EU, and will outline how the extra £20 billion a year for the NHS will be funded.

  1. Pensions
    Tax relief on pension contributions has been at the mercy of cash-strapped chancellors for some time…The annual allowance for pension contributions came down £50,000 to £40,000. It could potentially be cut again, perhaps to £30,000. It’s also quite possible that the chancellor could lower the earnings threshold for the ‘tapered annual allowance’, which has so far only affected top earners.
  2. Income Tax
    A small increase in the higher and top rate could help the chancellor fund his extra spending commitments. A 1p increase in the basic tax rate is expected to generate £4.85 billion by 2021/22.
  3. Capital Gains Tax
    Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rates are at historic lows, potentially making them an appealing target. He could also be persuaded to cut the current tax-free threshold of £11,700.
  4. Entrepreneurs’ Relief
    This scheme allows people selling companies to pay half the normal rate of CGT (10% rather than the current top rate of 20%) on up to £10 million of gains. However, the Resolution Foundation has called for Entrepreneurs’ Relief to be scrapped, given that it benefits a relatively small number of individuals.
  5. National Insurance contributions
    Mr Hammond has already tried, and failed, to raise National Insurance contributions (NICs) for the self-employed, nevertheless, a 1% rise in the main employees’ NIC rate would yield £4.2 billion in 2021/22, while a similar rise in the employers’ rate would bring in over £6 billion.

What could you do?  Pre-budget action plan

  • The ISA allowance of £20,000 in this tax year remains one of the simplest and most popular ways to shelter money from any further liability to Income Tax or CGT.
  • You should think about boosting your pension savings now by making the most of available allowances, so that you can potentially benefit from higher rates of tax relief on your contributions. It could also make sense to carry forward any unused allowances from the three previous tax years.
  • High earners can take steps to bring their taxable income down by making pension contributions or charitable donations.

Please take the time to view our website www.queenssquarewealth.co.uk and feel free to register for our e-briefing service, to keep up to date with these hot topics and many more.


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StoryTown Festival Corsham

A family festival of stories, books, performances, exhibitions and workshops that are bold, exciting and fun. Over 30+ events, most of which are free, for all ages and abilities at various venues around the town including Pound Arts, The Corsham Bookshop, Corsham Library and the Town Hall. Full programme available now, or download a copy from https://www.corsham.gov.uk/index.php.


As part of the upcoming StoryTown Festival taking place at venues throughout Corsham from 19-21 October 2018. The John Parker Gallery is hosting an exhibition of war-related art by Eric Ravillious. Eric was active in the early half of the 20th Century and this exhibition will display some of his book illustrations. Contact John on 07468 454001 or email john@theparkergallery.co.uk for further information and to book.

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Plastic Waste Free Corsham

No one can fail to be concerned about the extent of plastic waste in the oceans of our blue planet.  We have all seen images of huge masses of floating plastic, and of sea creatures being harmed by the waste.  We are all at risk from micro-plastics entering the human food chain through seafood and also through the water we drink.  Plastic waste on land is also a menace to wildlife and a risk to humans as it enters the food chain.  While this may seem to be another overwhelming global environmental problem, that cannot be an excuse for inaction.  Every piece of plastic waste in the environment got there through the actions of a human being – and so it is our actions which can eliminate waste.  We must all play our part.  If everyone on the planet did, the problem would not exist.  Ghandi said ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ – meaning if you want the world to change, you need to start with your own actions. This philosophy is at the core of what Transition Community Corsham (Transcoco) stands for – taking local action to solve global environmental problems.


It is feasible for a community like Corsham to eliminate plastic waste entirely, and we intend to work towards this goal, confident that this will have strong support from everyone in the area.  Other communities around the UK and across the world are taking a similar path.  If we all work together, we can make this happen. It can be achieved by rigorously applying the basic principles of waste management – reduce, reuse and recycle.


  • Reduce – reducing use of plastics, particularly single use plastics like straws, disposable cups and cutlery, single use packaging etc. We have seen recently how easily this can be achieved, as the charge for single use plastic bags reduced usage by 90%.  We need to work together to eliminate single use plastics wherever possible, and where we can, use more sustainable alternatives.
  • Reuse– plastics are very useful and will continue to be an important part of daily life. But by switching to reusable plastics, we can significantly reduce waste.  For example, we can use reusable plastic containers instead of single use plastic bottles, and reusable containers for shopping rather than single use packaging.
  • Recycle– we need to move towards a world where all plastic waste is recycled.Clearly this is not something we can entirely control within our own community, as it depends on manufacturers supplying products in recyclable plastics, and on local authorities providing facilities for recycling all plastics.  We are moving in the right direction with Wiltshire Council extending kerbside plastic recycling, and government are finally starting to take measures to encourage plastic recycling, such as the proposed deposit scheme on plastic bottles.


We intend to work with all parts of the community to achieve the aim of eliminating plastic waste.  Our main areas of focus will be:

  • Local government: we will work with Corsham Town Council and Wiltshire Council (via the Corsham Area Board) to identify how local policies can be developed to support the goal of zero plastic waste. This could include extending local plastic recycling facilities, improving communication on what recycling facilities are available to homes and businesses, and endorsing and promoting local action to eliminate plastic waste, perhaps through a ‘kitemark’ type scheme which identifies those organisations which have adopted plastic waste free policies.  We will encourage local government to adopt plastic waste free policies in their own premises.  We will also keep our local MPs informed and encourage them to support national polices to eliminate plastic waste.
  • Local retailers(e.g. shops and cafés): consulting with retailers to determine what changes they can make to eliminate plastic waste, without harming their business.For example, eliminating single use plastic cups and straws would save money, while potentially increasing loyalty from customers who want to see less plastic waste. We will also lobby national retailers such as Co-op and Sainsbury’s to introduce reusable/recyclable packaging and eliminate single use plastics.
  • Local businesses: helping them think through ways they could eliminate plastic waste, for example stopping use of single use plastic beakers for coffee or water, and encouraging use of reusable cups and containers.
  • Local community organisations(e.g. churches, youth groups): encouraging and educating on ways to eliminate plastic waste, e.g. through avoiding single use plastics when catering for events.
  • Local individuals: communicating and promoting ways to eliminate plastic waste, raising awareness and encouraging simple but effective changes in behaviour to eliminate plastic waste.
  • Transcocowill organise the project, working with the community to promote and encourage plastic waste free policies, and producing resources such as guides and checklists to make it easy to implement these policies. We will also continue our regular Transcoco litter picks around the town, collecting and wherever possible recycling plastic litter.


By working in a collaborative way with all these parts of the community, we believe we can, together, achieve a significant reduction in plastic waste and move ultimately towards the elimination of plastic waste altogether. As there is clearly a widespread consensus that plastic waste is a major problem, we are confident that our community will embrace this project and make the simple but effective changes needed to achieve this goal.

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The Corsham Antiques Roadshow on Sunday 30th of September

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Connect @ Hartham Park Complimentary Networking Breakfast with Business West and Innovate2Succeed

Business West will be delivering the Connect Breakfast at Hartham Park on the Thursday, 11th of October 2018. With a large increase in membership in Wiltshire we have partnered with Hartham Park to use their fantastic workspace for our business consultants so we can extend our reach into Wiltshire and better support our existing and new members in the area and engage with the 60 innovative and enterpriaing SMEs working at the Hartham Park site already. Please click here to book your place at the event.

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SWLEP 2018 Annual Conference and Business Growth Summit

SWLEP would like to invite you to join the 2018 Annual Conference and Business Growth Summit on 4 October. An excellent opportunity for valuable networking with influential attendees and businesses from across the area’s  diverse industries. It is an event not to be missed.

Please click hereto book your place.

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Have your say on new council division boundaries for Wiltshire

Have your say on new council division boundaries for Wiltshire

The 10-week public consultation has started on proposals for new council divisions and division boundaries for Wiltshire Council. Consultation will close on 5 November 2018 and the new electoral arrangements will come into effect at the local elections in May 2021.

If you represent a local organisation or community group in Wiltshire, please pass this message on to your members or anyone who you think might be interested in the review. You can share the message by email or through social media by using the buttons at the bottom right of the page.

Please click here for further information.

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Corsham Town Council – September Update

The Chamber Exhibitions

The latest in the art exhibitions being held in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall is Resonance, an exhibition that shows how five artists respond to our changing environment as our planet is being transformed by the actions of mankind. Resonance is open during weekday office hours, from 9am-5pm (4.30pm on Fridays), and will also be open from 12-4pm on Saturday 15 September to coincide with the Street Fair.


Corsham StoryTown

Do you have a tale to tell? Or want to escape with a good book? Or want to encourage your children to get writing? StoryTown is a new, three-day, festival celebrating reading, writing and all things literary for all ages. From 19-21 October, you’ll find writing workshops, author Q&As, performances, exhibitions and more happening at venues around the town. This Corsham Town Council/Bath Spa University Paper Nations’ collaboration features over 20 different events so there really is something for everyone, and the vast majority of them are free. Watch out for more details coming soon – www.corsham.gov.uk.


Strategic Plan

The Town Council’s new Strategic Plan for 2018-2022 has been approved and the priorities for the next 12 months are being discussed. Once finalised, the Strategic Plan will be available to download from www.corsham.gov.uk. The Town Council’s desire to help and support local businesses and employment opportunities continues from the previous Plan.

The Autumn issue of the Town Council’s quarterly newsletter will be sent out to all households and local businesses w/c 8 October. And if you want to discuss any business-related matters with a local Town Councillor, do contact the Town Hall and we’ll put you in touch – 01249 702130, towncouncil@corsham.gov.uk.


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Oxford Innovation and SWLEP SME Growth Project

Oxford Innovatioare now working closely with SWELP on a project to Support SMEs in their growth and development, offering an Intensive Business Workshop for SMEs and Start-ups, as part of the SME Growth Programme. Eligible business owners or directors will be able to attended a fully funded, 2 day immersive business coaching; where they will have the opportunity to discuss and discover their business, market and industry more in depth; as well as network with other new businesses, and identify good practices from peers.

These events every couple of months, and the next one is taking place on the 17th and 18th September 2018, in Salisbury. Please click here for further information about the workshop, Key Note Speakers and to book a place.

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