About Corsham Chamber

Corsham Chamber was founded to represent local businesses within Corsham, Box, Lacock, Neston and Colerne.

Corsham Chamber LogoCorsham Chamber Of Commerce is led by an Executive Committee made up of the President, Vice-President(s), Treasurer and volunteer members of the business community. The Chamber acts as a conduit for business advice, networking opportunities, community integration and the promotion and development of Corsham and surrounding districts which includes Box, Lacock, Neston and Colerne. Corsham Chamber Of Commerce has a key role to play in the community, providing a strong voice on issues of importance to the business community.


Our Aims:

  • to be the voice of local business
  • to promote best business practice
  • to facilitate business networking
  • to be truly representative of the businesses in Corsham, Box, Lacock, Neston and Colerne.


Corsham Chamber of Commerce history is currently being compiled, including a list of all past Presidents, which can be found here. If you have any information or history of the Chamber please contact us.

Executive Members

Sue Stockley

Sue Stockley


Sue  is the President of  Corsham Chamber Of Commerce. Sue is also Director of 3 in Partnerships Ltd. Sue is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner providing practical business recovery advice with over 35 years’ experience in business turnaround alongside formal insolvency procedures.


Bill Hall

Bill Hall

Executive Committee Member

Bill is a member of the Executive Committee of Corsham Chamber of Commerce. Bill is the Managing Director of Martingate Centre LtdThe Martingate Centre offers a vibrant trading environment for businesses and retailers in a highly accessible central location in Corsham.



Roger Stockley

Roger Stockley

Events Coordinator

Roger looks after events for Corsham Chamber Chamber of Commerce. Roger is Managing Director of Roger John Group. Roger Served for 33 yrs in the Police Service reaching the rank of Detective Chief Inspector.

Stuart Pearce

Stuart Pearce

Membership Coordinator

Stuart looks after membership for Corsham Chamber Chamber of Commerce. Stuart is Managing Director of SMARTech Energy which helps businesses to discover Where, When and How they use their energy, most importantly how much energy they are wasting.


Neil Johnson

Neil Johnson


Neil is the Treasurer of  Corsham Chamber Of Commerce. Neil is a freelance finance director specialising in the SME sector.

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