My role with Honey Legal is to help you protect your loved ones, your assets and you, through effective planning today. Without a Will you have no say in what happens when you die. Lasting Powers of Attorney ( LPA’s) are as essential a protection against the unforeseen as your buildings and contents insurance is, but few put it in place soon enough. Honey Legal are a focussed, £10m+ t/o company specialising in Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Funeral Plans and Probate Services. That’s all we do. These 5 things.

I am keen to meet the 2 in 3 people who have no written Will and the 9 in10 people who have no LPA’s in place.  I will encourage them not to leave it too late, not to leave it to the tax man and not to leave it any longer.

Contact: Jerry Walsingham

Phone number: 07775 557933

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